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Pod of Thunder

The recognized symbol of excellence in KISS podcasting

Jun 17, 2013

Pod of Thunder - 009 - Ladies Room: Andy, Chris, and Nick break down 1976's "Ladies Room" from the album Rock and Roll Over before turning on the the night for Andy's Bachelor party.

Jun 10, 2013

Pod of Thunder - 008 - My Way: Andy, Chris, and Nick break down 1987's "My Way" from the album Crazy Nights. Also, the consistent snubbing of KISS in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is discussed.

Jun 3, 2013

Pod of Thunder - 007 - Speedin' Back to My Baby: Andy, Chris, and Nick break down the second track from 1978's Ace Frehley. Also, the mystery of the correct pronunciation of Frehley is solved once and for all!