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Pod of Thunder

The recognized symbol of excellence in KISS podcasting

Jan 1, 2018

Pod of Thunder - 240 - Queen - Dragon Attack: Chris, Nick, and Andy take a break from the KISS catalog and celebrate a holiday Monday with a wildcard - "Dragon Attack" by Queen. 


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Sep 4, 2017

Pod of Thunder - 222 - Scorpions - Lovedrive: Chris, Nick, and Andy break down the title cut from the 1979 Scorpions album Lovedrive.


Tags: scorpions, lovedrive, kiss army, pod of thunder, kiss podcast, klaus meine, matthias jabs, michael schenker, rudolf schenker, francis buchholz, herman rarebell

May 27, 2013

Pod of Thunder - 006 - Murder in High Heels: Andy, Chris, and Nick break down the closing track of 1984's Animalize. Also, the revolving door of KISS guitarists in the 1980s is discussed.

May 20, 2013

Pod of Thunder - 005 - I Just Wanna: Andy, Chris, and Nick break down one of the many slam dunks from 1992's Revenge - I Just Wanna. Also, producer Bob Ezrin's contributions to KISS are discussed.

May 13, 2013

Pod of Thunder - 004 - And on the 8th Day: Andy, Chris, and Nick discuss the closing track of 1983's Lick It Up. Also, the possibility of KISS with no original members is discussed.